Assets screen

Viewing Assets for the Product

On the Product page you can find all the Assets that are configured for this product

Viewing all Assets

You can also view all the Assets created for your products by clicking on the Assets section on the main page of the AppSec Portal

Here Assets are grouped by their type

Findings in Assets

For each Asset, you can see the number of verified and unverified findings. You can switch to viewing these findings by clicking on the corresponding value.

To search for Asset, you can use

  • the search bar by clicking on the search icon on the top right side of the screen and typing in the name of the Asset

  • filter option: you can filter assemblies by Tags, Product name, Product Business Criticality and Product type

Actions on Assets

Clicking on the three dots to the right of the Asset opens a menu from which you can choose to: view, modify or delete the Asset.

If you delete an Asset, the previously discovered findings from that Asset remain in the Portal

Asset creation

You can create a new Asset of the appropriate type by clicking the Create icon in the right panel.

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