Deduplicator can help streamline the vulnerability management process and save time by identifying and removing duplicate findings

What is deduplication

Deduplication is the process of identifying and removing duplicate findings from multiple scanners. If an organization uses multiple scanners to test its software applications, the same vulnerabilities may be found by different scanners. In such cases, deduplication helps to identify the original findings and remove duplicates, thus streamlining the vulnerability management process.

AppSec Portal offers two types of deduplication: Basic and Advanced.

How Deduplication works in AppSec Portal

Basic Deduplication:

Upon receiving a new finding, the basic deduplication process checks for duplicates within the selected scope before adding it in the database. The scope can be defined by the Product, Product type, or Portal scope. Parameters such as Branch, Docker image, Domain, Host, Repository, and Scanner are considered. If a duplicate is found, the new finding is ignored and not added to the database.

Advanced Dedublicator:

Advanced Deduplication in AppSec Portal goes beyond the basic identification of duplicates by searching within previously identified findings recorded in the database. This process ensures a comprehensive approach to eliminating redundancy in vulnerability management.

When the advanced deduplication process is initiated, the system searches for matches among the findings already stored in the database.

AppSec Portal's Deduplicator feature allows to set up deduplication rules based on specific criteria and instructions.

After configuring the deduplication rules, you'll obtain two sets of findings: the originals and the duplicates. The originals encompass the findings deemed within the original scope, whereas the duplicates consist of findings that are replicated across various scanners (collection of sets)

AppSec Portal then analyzes the duplicate findings in accordance with the specified configurations, comparing them with the original findings. If any finding within the duplicate scope matches a finding in the original scope based on the specified settings, that particular finding will be removed from the database.

Please note that the Deduplicator feature is limited to a basic deduplication in the free license, it works at the stage of importing findings into the database, removing full duplicates. If you wish to use custom rules, you will need to upgrade to a paid license.

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