Custom Reports

Get an easy-to-use report to analyse and share with others

From the Dashboard page or from the chosen Product page click Report

Choose the necessary report settings for its output to meet your goals:

  1. Report date: select the date you want the report to be generated for, or leave it as the default current date

  1. Report type: select a Executive summary or a Full report detailing each finding In the full report, you can add Jira issue information by turning the slider

  1. Scanner list: select whether to report all or only verified findings

  1. Select products: Select the products to be included or excluded from the report by clicking on each product, using the search or advanced search options. Alternatively, all products will be included in the report by default.

  1. Click Get Report for selected and have a report back in a second

  2. If necessary, print the report or change the setting parameters

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