Advance Deduplicator rules

To set up a rule for Deduplicator, follow the steps below

  1. Select the Deduplicator, followed by clicking on the Rule button

  1. Define the products to which the rule will apply or leave All as default

  1. Select one or more identity criteria of original and duplicate findings:

  • same product

  • same title

  • same file path

  • same line number

  • same dependency

  • same vulnerable URL

  1. Create indications for findings designated for the original scope within the Original section:

Select a parameter and specify its value (presence or absence of a value) to be used in the running of the deduplication rules. Available parameters:

  • title

  • description

  • file path

  • branch

  • scanner

  • dependency

  • vulnerable url

  • import source (internal or external at your option)

You can combine terms via join, just click on the plus button

  1. Create indications for findings designated for the dublicate scope within the Dublicate section. These conditions must be defined with the same parameters as for the original scope, but with other values

  1. Click the Active slider to activate the rule

  2. Click the Submit button to apply the deduplication rule to your scan results

Deduplicator will automatically identify and remove any duplicate findings based on the rule you have created

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