Auditor is your reliable tool for ensuring the security of your products. This application conducts scans of code, websites, and images to identify potential vulnerabilities and security issues. With multiple powerful scanners, Auditor analyzes your product with precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-profile Scanners: Auditor utilizes multiple scanners, covering various security aspects to ensure comprehensive analysis.

  2. Code, Web, Images and Cloud account: Perform scans on both your application code, websites, and images, providing a comprehensive security check.

  3. Schedule Auditing: configure a schedule to automatically start the Auditor.

  4. Detailed Reports and Jira integration: When used in combination with Appsec portal, get reports in a convenient way and integrate findings with Jira.

  5. Custom Configuration: Tailor scan parameters to your needs for optimal control.

Get Started Easily:

Simply provide Auditor with your product data to receive a detailed security report or take control of the processing of identified vulnerabilities and security issues.

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