Criteria & Schedule

Use the filter in the All Findings section to set the criteria for which findings notifications are sent and the frequency of notifications. You can set up multiple notification types for a single service

  1. Navigate to the All Findings section and click the Filters button:

  1. In the filter settings, you can select the criteria by which to filter the findings, and these specific findings will be included in the notifications.

  1. Create the schedule for sending notifications by clicking the Schedule button at the bottom of the Filter window.

  1. Configure a schedule to set the frequency of sending notifications fill in the fields:

  • Title: the name you have chosen for this schedule

  • Webhook: select the previously configured integration from the drop-down list

The name in the Title should be unique and not repeat previously created schedule titles

  • Crontab: click on the Set Schedule button and select a frequency

The schedule is set and integrated into your service. From now on, Appsec Portal will send notifications with information about findings that match the selected criteria and at the set frequency.

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