Auditor Configurator

  1. Navigate to the Auditor section

  1. On the Auditor config page, fill in the details for accessing your resources:

2.1. Authentication section:

  • Auditor URL: The host on which Auditor is installed

  • Access token: Access token received during Auditor installation

2.2. Enable or disable the Verify SSL option to verify the SSL certificate

If the data is correct, you will see a confirmation of connection and successful authentication

2.3. Activate Group asset of different types to optimize the number of pipelines

2.4. Enter the credentials of a private SSH key to connect to your repository to inspect the code

2.5. Specify the data of your docker registry where the images to be scanned are located

2.6. If you have an image of your own job (e.g. of a scanner) add it in Docker credentials to pull job images section

Enter a credencial to your registry:

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