You can view the audits performed using:

Audits screen

Selecting the Audits section from the left-hand menu bar on the home page will bring up a screen displaying all audits performed on the portal. Audits are displayed by date and time, product, assets and scanners used.

Use of the filter

You can find the audit you are looking for by filtering the results by Scanner name or/and Asset name

Findings veiw

Each Asset and Scanner displays the number of new and resolved findings. You can view these findings by clicking on the corresponding value.

Bulk actions

By selecting multiple entries you can delete them in bulk

Product audit screen

On the Products page you will find the Audits screen. All audits for the product you are viewing are displayed here. The same actions are available on the records as on the main Audits screen.

Asset Audit Screen

When viewing a particular Asset, at the bottom of the screen you can also find all the audits performed on it. The same actions with records are available as for the main audit screen

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