Run Audit Manually

  1. Π‘lick on Audit on the home page

  1. Under Job sequence choose from drop-down list the pipeline with the desired scanner sequence

  2. Select scanning mode: Product or Asset if you want to scan selected products or assets. If no product or asset is selected, all assets for all products in the portal will be scanned.

For Product scanning (Product mode):

  • Choose product(-s) by clickng on product in Products to select section. You can use the search bar or additional filters to find the products you need.

  • By default, all product assets are selected for scanning (the list of assets is displayed below the Product Selection section). You can keep the product assets you are interested in for scanning and exclude the ones you don't need by clicking on them.

A selection of product assets is only available when a single product is selected. If you select multiple products, all of their assets will be scanned.

For Asset scanning (Asset mode):

  • Choose asset(-s) by clickng on asset in Assets to select section. You can use the search bar or assets type section to find the assets you need.

  1. Enter the branch name (optional)

  1. Click Run Audit

  2. Optionally to navigate to the Auditor Pipelines page. Here, you can monitor the progress of the scan or choose to Close the window.

You can run an audit from the product page. In this case, you will need to select the Job sequence and, if required, select specific assets and specify a branch.

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