Scheduled Audit Run

Setting up an Auditor's schedule and getting audit results at your desired time

  1. From the Dashboard page navigate to Aditor -> Schedule

  1. Click on the Task in the right panel.

  1. In the opened window, complete the following fields: Title, Crontab, Job Sequence, Affected products. You can deactivate the schedule any time by toggling the Active slider.

3.1 In the Title field enter the name of your schedule, e.g.:

3.2 Click the Set Schedule button in the Crontab field to customize the Auditor's run time.

In the displayed calendar, set the Auditor's work:

  • Periodicity: Monthly, Weekly or Daily

  • The Date of the month or Day of the week for monthly and weekly frequency, respectively

  • Time

Days and Times support multi-selection

Click Apply to accept the configuration

The selected time will be displayed in the field in the format *****, where

3.3 For Job Sequence, choose from the drop-down list.

3.4 Affect products:

  • All your products are automatically added to the schedule. You can also select product tags and all products with the selected tags will be included in the auditor's processing.

  • Or select specific products by clicking Edit and choosing particular products.

  1. Click Create

The audit is run on all the assets that are set up in the selected products

If necessary, you can change the settings in the created task. You can also include all current and future products in the schedule.

If global settings are selected in your schedule, you can specify a tag name so that the auditor only scans products with that tag.

This setting can only be made by users with a role that has access to all product types.

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