Rule creation

You can export and import selected validation rules in JSON format.

To export, select the desired rules and click the Export button:

To import, click the 'Import' button and drag and drop the JSON file containing the validation rules:

  1. Add new rule for validation:

  • decide what to do with findings if the right conditions are met: reject, confirm or add tags. If сonfirm is selected, the validator will automatically create corresponding tasks in Jira. If reject is selected, findings will be excluded from future checks. If add tags is selected, it will be assigned to findings in accordance with rule;

  • automatically add tags to validated findings;

  • set conditions: specify the value you want to find or exclude, choose where to search (in the title, description, file path, branch, scanner name, dependency, vulnerable url, import source (internal or external at your option);

  • you can always combine conditions through junction, just click on the plus button.

Get a quick overview of the potential impact of your rule with the affected findings list in the Auto Validator's rule creation view.

  1. Set the launch frequency with which you want the rules to be applied (in minutes):

Note that changing in the execution frequency may require a service restart or the creation of new rules to apply to existing data.

3. The validator finishes before you even think about making a coffee! β˜•οΈ

Please note that the Auto Validator feature is limited to one validation rule in the free license. If you wish to use more than one rule, you will need to upgrade to a paid license.

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