Import Repositories

You can create products on the AppSec Portal by importing them from your GitHub or GitLab repositories

  1. Navigate to the Assets page and click Import Repositories

  1. Select Code Management System - GitLab or GitHub

  • Importing from GitHub is only possible for organisation repositories.

  • Due to the specifics of the GitLab API, importing a repository is possible if the AppSec Portal user is a member of the repository location GitLab group

  1. Create an Access Token in the Code Management System and enter its value in the corresponding field

For a successful connection with the repository, the Access Token must have scopes granted: GitHub - repo, read:user and user:email GitLab - read_api

  1. If your repository is hosted on self-hosted instances of GitHub or GitLab, enter their address and click Next

  1. Create or select from the drop-down list an already created product for the desired repository and click Submit

  1. Congratulations! Your product and its asset repository have been created on the portal You can run an audit immediately or set up an Auditor schedule for this product

For your convenience, archived repositories are labelled accordingly

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