How to configure:


AppSec Portal provides bi-directional integration with Jira.
Developers spaces may have their own required custom fields like Sprint or Component. If there were such space in your company, you would be not able to create a task there directly. In such case many companies create another space without any restrictions in workflow and required custom fields — security space.
✅ We support 2 Jira spaces: security and product. ✅ Synchronise tasks, comments and updates between the security and product spaces for more convenience! It means, that you can put any comment in product task and it will appear in security task. … and it works in both directions. ✅ There is an option to set default security space and default product space to save time from configuring them in product settings. ✅ You may set specific product and security space in product setting if it's necessary.

Why Webhook?

The portal supports both variants of integration (with webhook and without it) according to your needs. Webhook is required to synchronise task statuses, assignees and tags between spaces. Here you can see available features:
without Webhook
with Webhook
Create Jira task
Update Jira task
Delete Jira task
Sync between AppSec portal and security/product spaces:
  • Tasks
  • Statuses
  • Priority (severity)
  • Assigned team
  • Comments
❌ Only one way to Jira
  • Tags
❌ Only one way to Jira