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Auditor Job Name: Defender Alerts Auditor image: registry.gitlab.com/whitespots-public/security-images/toolset:latest + your scripts AppSec Portal Importer Name: Whitespots Portal

Whitespots Portal general report format provides the ability for users to submit their own reports to Appsec Portal for further processing and management. To do this, the importer needs to provide a list of dictionaries in the following format:

        "name": β€œstrβ€œ,
        "severity": β€œstr”,
        "description": β€œstr”,
        "file_path": β€œstr”,
        "line": 0,
        "vulnerable_url": β€œstr”,
        "dependency": β€œstr”

This tool provides flexibility and allows users to submit their data for further analytics and security improvements using Appsec Portal.

curl -X POST localhost/api/v1/scan/import/ -H "Authorization: Token a75bb26171cf391671e67b128bfc8ae1c779ff7b" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F "file=@./defender_report.json" -F "product_name=Product1" -F "product_type=Application" -F "scanner_name=Whitespots Portal" -F "branch=dev" -F "repository=git@gitlab.com:whitespots-public/appsec-portal.git"

In this command, the following parameters are used:

  1. -X POST: specifies the HTTP method to be used (in this case, POST)

  2. -H "Authorization: Token <authorization_token>": specifies the authorization token obtained from AppSec Portal.

  3. -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data": specifies the content type of the request.

  4. -F "file=@<report_file_path>": specifies the path to the report file generated by the scanner.

  5. -F "product_name=<product_name>": specifies the name of the product being scanned.

  6. -F "product_type=<product_type>": specifies the type of the product being scanned.

  7. -F "scanner_name=<scanner_name>": specifies the name of the scanner used to generate the report (Whitespots Portal)

  8. -F "branch=<branch_name>": (optional) specifies the name of the branch in the source code repository (if applicable) This parameter is particularly useful when you want to associate the scan results with a specific branch in your repository. If not provided, the scan will be associated with the default branch

Asset information, if an auditor is used

  1. -F "repository=<repository SSH URL>": If your product is code in a repository enter the address of your repository in a specific format, for example: git@gitlab.com:whitespots-public/appsec-portal.git

  2. -F "docker_image=<registry address>": If your product is image enter the address of the registry where your product is located, for example: registry.gitlab.com/whitespots-public/appsec-portal/back/auto_validator:latest

  3. -F "domain=<domain>": If your product is web enter the domain name of your product, for example: whitespots.io

  4. -F "host=<host>": If your product is web enter the IP address of your product, for example:

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