Direct use of Auditor

If you are using Auditor without the Appsec Portal, directly:

  1. Preconfigure Auditor

if you are using your own images for job (scanners), preconfigure Auditor

  1. Create pipline

  1. Add Jobs

Click on the Jobs field and create a sequence of jobs (scanners) by selecting the required jobs from the drop-down list

Scanning will be performed sequentially based on the selected set of jobs

  1. Add environment variables

The variables require you to specify information about your product and its location



name of your product


address where reports will be sent (delivery point)


credentials for delvery point


URL of the cloned repository to be scanned, where the code will be checked in


reference to a list of your docker images, e.g.


domain of your web product


IP address of your web product

Optionally you can specify other variables that you need to set

  1. Run pipline

Click Run pipeline

The scanning of your product will commence. After all the jobs in your pipeline have finished their work, the status of the Pipeline will change from In progress to Finished

  1. Get Results

At the location specified by the environment variable (PORTAL_URL), retrieve reports from each scanner in your pipeline

Clicking on a pipeline provides information about the Jobs in it, as well as Logs for each of them

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