How to update AppSec Portal

To update the AppSec Portal to the latest version, follow these steps:

Update using GitLab CI

  1. Update your forked repository

  2. Run pipeline

  3. Click on update section

Update using helm

  1. To update, run the following command:

helm upgrade appsecportal  <path-to-helm-directory>

replace <path-to-helm-directory> with the path to the directory that contains the Helm Chart for your application.

Manual update

  1. Stop the application:

docker-compose down -v

This will stop all services and remove the associated volumes, which will clean up the environment.

  1. Pull the latest changes from the repository:

git pull

This ensures that you have the most up-to-date codebase to work with

  1. Restart the application:

docker-compose up -d

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